Short Duration Programme


Strategic management is no longer the preserve of top management. The middle manager is now being perceived as a very important cog in the strategic management process. Though they contribute to formulation and implementation of strategy and of solving problems that define the direction of the firm, many middle level managers are not aware of the formal processes and tools of strategic management. Thinking primarily at the functional level, often binds organizations into silos of partitioned thought. A strategic perspective enables liberation from these silos, and promotes achievement of goals at the organization level. In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion on organizational competencies and resources as the starting point of strategy. However, many organizations still continue with the traditional strategic management framework as their formal mechanism for planning. Yet, many leaders and managers implicitly use the resource based logic in making strategic decisions. This program intends to explicate the role of industry analysis, innovation focus and resource based thinking in strategizing for growth.

The program aims to enable the participants to understand:

  • The current frameworks in strategic management
  • The role of innovation in strategy and the organizational growth process
  • The process of resource analysis, management and acquisition, and
  • To internalize the logic of opportunity based, innovation based and resource based thinking in strategy

Who Should Attend

This Program is meant for middle level and junior managers in different functional areas, who are currently taking decisions which significantly affect the future of their companies and for those who are involved in key strategy related activities in their organizations. This would be useful for managers from different sectors.
Applicants should be working professionals/self-employed
Post Graduates & Graduates with minimum 3 years of work experience (full-time paid employment) post completion of graduation as on Application Closure Date


  • Applicants should be working professionals/self-employed
  • Graduates/Diploma (10+2+3) in any discipline
  • With minimum 3 years of work experience (full- time paid employment) post completion of graduation as on Application Closure Date


Each course will be taught with the help of live corporate examples and general discussions. There would be a pre-work and post work component during the Program tenure. Further, there would be 2 evaluation components as well.


Participants who successfully complete the same along with the requisite attendance criteria will be awarded a certificate of participation by XLRI.
Sample Certificate


  • Evaluation by: XLRI Jamshedpur
  • Evaluation will be on the below two components: Conceptual Assessment and Project work

The final decision on evaluation methods rests with the institute and may change without prior intimation. Based on the performance in the assessments, participants are awarded grades (Excellent, Good, Average, Poor).

Applicable Channel

Retail and Direct to Corporate

Program Contents

1. The strategy concept and strategic thinking
2. Strategy formulation and planning
3. Strategy implementation
4. Managing strategic change
5. Strategy evaluation
6. Corporate strategy
7. Mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances
8. International business strategy
9. Managing resources and resource based thinking
10. Strategy for the bottom of the pyramid
11. Sustainability as strategy


Duration of the Course: 06 Months from March 2017 to August 2017
Schedule of Classes: 3 Hours every Saturday (12:15 pm – 3:15 pm).

Payment & Installment Schedule
  For Indian Participants
 Application Fee Rs. 2,000 + Tax
 Last Date: 20 March 2017
 Installment I Rs. 40,000 + Tax
 On or Before: 20 March 2017
 Installment II Rs. 35,000 + Tax
 On or Before: 10 May 2017
 Total Fee Rs. 77,000 + Tax

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