Short Duration Programme


The team-based 'Leadership Skills' Development Module co-created with German inputs is anchored on reflection and constructivism. It is focused on how leaders see their roles, how they derive sense from their work, and how they could assess their own journey. It makes a participant experience the learning’s from emotive, cognitive, and conative dimensions. It emphasizes at a integrative approach to leadership development and effectiveness.

The programme intends to support you in shaping your core leadership competencies by providing opportunities to:

  • Map your insights and learning’s enabling you to track your progress in strengthening your leadership capabilities
  • Become aware of your purpose and value base, face challenges and dilemmas in living up to your values;
  • Deepen your knowledge of different types of changes and relevant leadership competencies;
  • Strengthen ability to co-create a desired future for the society as a whole; and

This programme focuses on creating a space for learning around four key competencies & values, namely, Self-Awareness and Self-Control; People First; Leading Others; and Integrity.


  • Minimum of five years work experience at the time of application
  • Minimum Qualification: Graduation degree
  • The program directors might refuse some applications (with no specific reasons)

Target Segment

This program is for senior-level managers and officers who are aspiring to be in leadership roles or are currently in leadership assignments, and are expected to be increasingly assigned team-based leadership roles in their organizations.


The pedagogy will comprise leadership facilitation using German Theme Centered Interaction techniques. Thus, the programme will make extensive use of androgogical tools instead of one-sided lectures seated in closed classrooms. In small group activities and using individual exercises, they familiarize themselves with the specific leadership concepts that are key to ensuring the success in their future career path

Program Contents

It comprises of the following main Modules:

  1. Module I: Foundations of responsible leadership
    We will briefly explore key dimensions of responsible leadership such as the ability to co-create a compelling future and to address adaptive challenges so that societies can move towards a desired future. Key aspects of leading self and others with meaning and purpose guided by shared values will round up this Module. This Module provides the base for the following Modules.
  2. Module II: Co-creating a compelling vision
    You will co-create in small teams a people–centered vision and identify key adaptive challenges faced by people and organisations in India today. As team leaders, you will explore with your peers possible leadership responses powerful in shaping a better future for the society as a whole. A reflection on your role and aspirations will round up this Module.
  3. Module III: The quest for integrity
    This Module will take you to your inner space, in which, as an emerging leader you will be continuously challenged to find a balance between physical, mental and emotional demands arising within you, your team members and other stakeholders. You will map your values, explore value dilemmas and discover processes which help you in finding situation–specific solutions to such dilemmas.
  4. Module IV: Nurturing collective leadership
    The challenges we are facing at present require leaders who promote and support collaborative teams capable of exercising leadership as a collective function. You will widen your knowledge of key aspects of leading teams and learn specific concepts and instruments for enhancing leadership of teams.
  5. Module V: Journey ahead
    You will consolidate your leadership base in terms of purpose and values inspiring you and record your thoughts on future personal and professional journey in the form of a ‘yatra patra’. This detailed map can serve as the key reference in navigating your progress in strengthening your leadership capabilities to support you as and when required.

Benefits to Participants

Course Benefits to Participants

  • Executive Certification of Completion or Participation from XLRI
  • Course content and structure designed by XLRI
  • Lectures imparted by eminent faculty and practitioners.
  • Exposure to varied collection of practical examples, case and exercises.
  • TSW Direct to Device advantage, which allows working professionals the freedom to fast track their careers without quitting their job via an interactive virtual classroom experience that can be pursued from anywhere.
  • Convenient weekend schedules – Classes on Sunday
Technology Benefits of TCLL
  • The classes for this programme will be held through LIVE lectures that will be beamed online via internet to participants desktops/laptops or classrooms from XLRI using TSW’s Direct to Device technology.
  • Seamless technology that can transmit lecture videos effectively at home broadband connection.
  • User friendly and easy to use technology interface. No expensive and time consuming software/hardware installations required on participant’s device.
  • Virtual classrooms that allow for active interactions with other fellow students and faculty.
  • Convenient weekend schedules
  • In the event that a student misses a LIVE lecture on the Virtual Classroom for reason(s) beyond his/her control, student can request “On Demand” access to the recorded session. Permission may be granted subject to the explicit approval from the individual faculty based on his/her discretion and genuineness of the circumstances.
  • Windows Device Prerequisite: Desktop/Laptop with i3 3.0GHz Processor and 2 GB RAM or above.
  • Internet speed upto 2 mbps / 3G / 4G recommended for good experience.
  • Windows 7/8/10 operating system is required on desktop/laptop.
  • Windows Firewall and Anti-virus firewall should be disabled
  • Microphone with headphone is required.
  • Webcam or any other camera connected to laptop/desktop.


There are periodic evaluations built in throughout the duration of the course. These maybe in the form of a quiz, assignment, project, case studies or other objective/subjective assessments. The evaluations are designed ensure continuous student engagement with the course and encourage learning. Participants who successfully complete the same along with the requisite attendance criteria will be awarded a Certificate of Completion by XLRI.


Duration of the Course: Approx four months during September - January, 2017
Schedule of Classes: 3 hrs every Sunday from 10.30 a.m to 01.30 p.m.

Payment & Installment Schedule
 Application Fee Rs. 25,000 + Tax
 Last Date: 28th August 2017
 Installment I Rs. 15,000 + Tax
 On or Before: 3rd September 2017
 Installment II Rs. 25,000 + Tax
 On or Before: 3rd November 2017
 Total Fee Rs. 65,000 + Tax

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