Postgraduate Certificate in Logistics & Supply Chain Management - PGCLSCM


The need for management education in today's world for effective performance is a forgone conclusion. While experience might have been the backbone of effective performance in the corporate world of yesterday, knowledge and continuous learning is the mainstay amongst the best organizations of today. Today, Supply Chain Management (SCM) is emerging as a full-fledged discipline in its own right. Careers can be started and made in SCM, departments are being reorganized into ' Supply Chain', 'Logistics' headings and a great deal of strategic vision has come into being. XLRI has evolved a 12 months consolidated program in Logistic and Supply Chain Management. After successful completion of the programme students will be awarded with "Postgraduate Certificate in Logistic and Supply Chain Management".

 Programme objectives

The primary objective of this course is to provide the participant with the critical knowledge of logistics and supply chain management and the ability to apply this information in the workplace whether in the management of a firm's related activities or within the scope of the logistics service provider's activities.

To give participants an understanding that the problems and issues within the respective fields of logistics and supply chain are invariably complex, and require clear reasoning and analysis, in order to derive an appropriate course of action.

To incorporate and learn the critical elements of Logistics and Supply Chain Management processes.

Program Pedagogy

The above stated objectives will be attained through:

  • A very intensive program useful from a corporate management view point.

  • Intense learning on satellite platform.

  • 5 days of intensive learning at XLRI campus.

  • Project work.

  • Lecture Series.

  • Case methods.

  • Group work.

  • Term papers.

  • Assignments and Dissertation.

The on-line sessions (comprising of 255 hrs spread across 12 months) will be delivered on the virtual classroom platform of our technical partners. The heart of the platform is a powerful user interface that enables large number of geographically distributed students to have a highly interactive "one to one" exchange with a central faculty. The system incorporates live broadcast of video, two way audio and data interactivity to enable the students to watch and interact with the faculty live in virtual classroom environment. Conceptual discussions, case discussions and panel discussions will be the primary vehicle of learning on the platform.

Campus Visit

The participants are expected to stay in the campus for 5 days of intensive campus learning. The exact date and schedule will be announced to the participants in advance so that they can arrange for their leaves from their respective organizations. During the period of their stay on campus participants need to participate in intensive classroom and group learning sessions. Campus component fees need to pay separately before campus component starts


  • Graduation from a recognized university
  • Minimum of 2 years of work experience after completing graduation
  • Performance in personal interviews.


1. Marketing Management
2. Accounting and Financial Management
3. Production and Operations Management and Project Management
4. Quantitative Methods for LSCM
5. Management Information Systems
6. Introduction to LSCM
7. Business Law and Legal Aspects in Logistics and SCM
8. Warehousing and Supply Chain Network Design
9. Demand Analysis and Forecasting
10.Purchasing and Supplier Relationship Management
11.Transportation Decisions in SCM
12.IT in SCM and ERP
13.Inventory Management in SCM
14.Distribution and Channel Management
15.Packaging and Reverse Logistics & Global SCM
16.Supply Chain Analytics
17.SCM Performance and Benchmarking
18.Project Work

Certification, assessment and evaluation.

The examination and evaluation required for certification shall be carried out by XLRI Jamshedpur. The faculty members teaching their respective courses will choose the method of evaluation most appropriate to the subject. The certificate will be awarded directly by XLRI Jamshedpur

Application processes and Course fee

Once the admission processes is on candidates need to apply online with all relevant details as mentioned in the application form along with the application money, at the same time hardcopy of application should reach to Satellite Office before the closer date. Total course fee is 1,75,000/- which can be paid in three installment plus service tax as applicable. The course fee is inclusive of study material 15,000/- .


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